Fred Sarkari

“Expert on Leadership, Sales, Branding, Communication, Customer Service & Human Behaviour” Fred Sarkari is president of a unique sales and development company, that seeks to empower organizations to achieve their visions, goals and dreams. Fred provides management services to a broad range of organizations from start ups to some of the world’s largest organizations. Fred’s unique approach combines vision with practical application – his customized keynotes provide a compelling and practical message to audiences regardless of size and translates through to the programs he creates.


5 Critical Elements To Optimizing Your Business
Fred’s life changed the moment he was told there was a possibility he could be in a wheel chair. Using compelling stories, which illustrate the best and worst days of his medical journey, Sarkari, internationally respected expert in human behavior and bestselling author, gives an inspiring high content keynote presentation. Fred demonstrates to his audiences how the innate power of a proven system towards success can get you through any circumstance you may encounter in your personal or professional life.

How The Top 5% Think! The 7 Principles of Great Leaders™

Who or even what would be considered to be the Top 5%? Is it a financial, a physical, or spiritual goal? “How The Top 5% Think!” will equip you with the means to excel, both in your industry and your life. Covering seven transforming steps for leading your life, this presentation will motivate and guide you to immediate action and new frontiers in leadership. In a world of constant change, these principles have stood unwavering throughout time by great leaders. By applying these principles to your life, you will effectively lead others through example.

Leadership: Living Your Purpose While Providing Value & Direction to Others
This course will aid your transformation into that powerful, focused leader you envision yourself to be. As you challenge yourself in different areas of leadership and life, you’ll create a detailed profile of your vision and values, your leadership style, and your destination. These principles derive from real-life case studies. Through practical exercises you’ll understand the challenges that all great leaders face, as well as the solutions they have utilized to overcome these challenges—including resistance, committing to vision and change, and sustaining confidence. Expect to be charting your life’s course; followers need purposeful leaders in order to follow with loyalty.

Mastering Your Client’s Decision-Making Process

It would be easy if people were like vending machines, where pushing certain buttons would get you the same results every time. However, people consist of different needs, traits, and expectations that make generic treatment unreasonable. Personality differences complement each other in a powerful way, and appreciating that is a key to having successful long-term relationships with all people from all aspects of life, and especially in business. In this real life workshop you will learn how to master your clients decision – making process so you can close deals faster and with less stress. This critical skill will allow you to quickly build loyal effective relationships without sacrificing your sanity or standards.

Promote Yourself: Moving Up in Sales with Strategy and Style
If you’re looking to elevate your sales career, the advanced skills taught in this course will provide you with a critical breakthrough. You’ll address the greatest challenges associated with selling, whether they’re obstacles to your business itself or customer objections, and learn strategies to systemize them. You’ll also develop the dynamic skills you need to work with all personality types, enhance your negotiation powers, and set goals that will be linked to an over all purpose in order to prosper your business. Practical exercises and role-playing will allow you to develop work and life strategies that you can relate to real world situations—and adapt to your own circumstances, vision, and personality.



Full Biography

Frans Johansson is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. The Medici Effect was named one of the best innovation books of the year by several organizations and was selected as one of the top 10 best business books by It has been translated into 17 languages.

The book looks at how individuals, teams and organizations can create an explosion of remarkable ideas at the intersection of different fields, cultures and industries. Frans has been living in the Intersection most of his life; he was a founder of both a Boston-based software company and a medical device company operating out of Baltimore, Maryland and Stockholm, Sweden. He has written articles on healthcare, information technology and the science of sport fishing. He has been featured on CNN’s AC360, ABC’s Early Morning Show, and CNBC’s The Business of Innovation series along with Jack Welch and Muhammad Yunus.

Frans enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, fishing with his father and friends and pursuing a never ending array of intersectional ideas. Raised in Sweden by his African- American and Cherokee mother and Swedish father, Frans earned his BS in environmental science at Brown University and his MBA at Harvard Business School. Frans currently resides in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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