Donna Hartley

Donna Hartley is a keynote, inspirational, motivational speaker. She is a plane crash, cancer, and heart surgery survivor.   Donna is a California / Nevada based inspirational speaker and the author of Fire Up Series of Books!

Drawing on her three life changing events, she ignites her audience with ‘firepower’ to awaken their untapped potential. For more than 29 years she has captivated audiences worldwide with straight talk, vision and wisdom based strategies to master life’s challenges. She also focuses on the power of intuition and meditation.

Donna Hartley has lived through a DC-10 plane crash, a stage III melanoma diagnosis and open-heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve. Each event left her inspired, and she’ll share her story along with her passion for advocating for women’s cardiac health.

 In early 2006, Hartley, who is now a motivational speaker, chalked up her tiredness to stress. While she was a busy 56-year-old mom, she was the picture of good health. The prior week, she had downhill and cross country skied, and twice done aerobics. Still, her grandparents, mother and father died from cardiovascular disease. Her intuition led her to get checked out. She learned from a cardiologist that she had severe aortic stenosis, and two weeks later she underwent surgery. 

 In her keynote addresses, Hartley calls on attendees to take the lead in their partnership with patients. “Physicians have to be clear in their communication, listen and take a pulse on if their patients understand what they are truly saying,” she said. “My surgeon described the procedure step by step. He related to me and was very positive. I appreciated that energy. I believed in him, and I could therefore believe in myself.”

 She used the two-weeks to prepare herself for surgery, de-stressing, meditating, eating well and not drinking alcohol. “I didn’t have much time, but if they were going to do their part, I needed to do my part,” said Hartley, adding that she continues her quest to stay heart healthy.

 “Doctors do the best they can do, but they need to put some responsibility on patients,” Hartley said. “Women in particular need to be educated. We take on so much stress in raising our families, managing money and working. We also need to take care of ourselves. I caught it in time, made the necessary steps and I didn’t become a statistic at 56.”


Fire Up Your Life! A Journey to Transformation (Most Requested)

What could you possibly do after having survived a DC-10 plane crash, being diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma and having had open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement … all on March 1st of different years? Would you consider the date a coincidence or a life lesson?

As a master storyteller Donna relates the lessons learned from these three life-altering events…all of which happened to her…. weaving the details of how, each time, she went to the depth of her soul, faced her fears and ignited the strength and wisdom to live. This true story is a journey to transformation filled with raw honesty, humility, drama and humor.

If you have ever wondered what your life purpose is Donna shares her insights gained from both her own experiences and a mystical mentor who appeared in her life at just the right time, offering nine strategies to overcome daunting challenges, get you unstuck and moving to great expectations and fulfilment. Acquire the skills you need to take your leadership expertise to the next level. You will be empowered to shift your attitude from this inspirational and uplifting presentation.

Fire Up Your Heart! A Journey to the Knowing

The prospect of her looming open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement paralyzed Donna as she feared for her life and for her young adopted daughter. As Donna made out her will, she realized there was no one to raise her child should she not make it. Spiritual awareness is heightened from challenges, but does it have to be a live- or- die situation? For Donna the answer was yes. In this speech, Donna talks about honoring the body-mind connection when faced with health challenges, with seven insightful steps to stay heart-healthy both literally and figuratively.

Over three decades ago, through a trusted and sage-like mentor, Donna was told she had been assigned three life lessons. She had survived the plane crash and she survived her melanoma surgery. Both of these life-altering events occurred on the date of a March 1st. Now she was scheduled for a heart operation on yet another March 1st. Was this to be her final life lesson, and would she live through it to be able to share her experiences? Donna had to conquer every self-defeating thought and pattern if she was to understand her lessons and live. During surgery a magnificent happening occurred as she drifted from her physical body and transcended time and space. Greeted by her mystical mentor, family and friends an unconditional love overwhelmed her as she was instilled with insights from the ascended masters, including instructions to share her experiences with others.

Fire Up Your Attitude! Standout Customer Service

Is it possible to have standout customer service without a positive attitude? No! 30 years of professional speaking and training experience behind her, Donna understands that attitude comes first when working with the public, and this presentation centers on developing the entire person…personal and professional, to cultivate a positive outlook. When you raise your consciousness, you value the importance of serving mankind, and as a leader it is your responsibility to instill enthusiasm, perseverance, and dedication in your staff. Learn how to evaluate yourself in eight areas of your life to understand whether you are balanced. Being in a state of imbalanced makes it difficult to be present and available to the customer. This speech will also teach you ten proven ways to manage stress, as well as how to make powerful and lasting first impressions, handle complaints and build a clientele base with open and clear communication. Result: increase your company’s bottom line. Her conclusion detailing how surviving a plane crash, melanoma and heart surgery altered her attitude cements the message that it is an honor to serve and to be alive.

Fire Up Your Healing! A Journey to Restore Relationships and Health

“Melanoma…Stage III.” Those three words struck fear into every part of Donna’s body in 2002. She understood it was one of the worst cancers to be diagnosed with, and all she could think about was her six year old adopted daughter, who would raise her? In this speech Donna shares the ten-step health regime, blending a holistic approach with traditional medicine that she developed after receiving her diagnosis of State III Melanoma. After adhering to this health plan and after undergoing three procedures in one day- not to mention Herculean patience and perseverance on Donna’s part… she was told she was cancer-free, and she has continued to be so to this day.

Fire Up Your Speaking! Dynamic Presentation Skills

Do you want to be an exceptional presenter, influence lives, and advance your career? There is no greater skill than knowing what to say and how to say it. Make a difference when you speak with presentation, projection and persuasion techniques. Learn how to develop a results- oriented presentation with tools such as body language, voice and impact words. Heighten your techniques with a powerful opening statement, prevalent key points and a persuasive-call-to- action close. If you want to motivate your listeners to action, become a unique storyteller. (Can also be presented as a two-day on-camera retreat workshop for executives.)

Healing Meditations: Mindfulness and Relaxation

Meditation is a refreshing way to manage stress in your life and create restful sleep. In this presentation Donna teaches you the history and benefits of meditation, as well as a variety of effective techniques. Relax your body and travel on white puffy clouds to heal and rejuvenate your body and soul. Meditation is beneficial for staying healthy and increasing your energy as well as providing, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance. You are worth it… take the time to develop your inner calm. A crucial skill you will develop from ongoing meditation is to trust your intuition.



Full Biography

  • Donna Hartley is a true survivor!
  • On March 1, 1978 – survived a fiery DC-10 plane crash that transformed her life in seconds and inspired her to testify to change airline safety regulations.
  • On March 1, 2002 – was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma and today is cancer free.
  • On March 1, 2006 – triumphed over unexpected open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve.

During these life-threatening –and life-changing- events Donna experienced other types of hardships and setbacks that threatened to stop her in her tracks. When her goal of being an Olympic skier racer was cut short, because of her health, she bounced back by becoming a surfer. She has been suicidal, broke, and has raised a daughter on her own, overcoming these challenges with her relentless energy and unbreakable spirit. Faced with unsurmountable odds and with the tools gained from a master teacher she met at a crucial point in her life, she learned to be persistent during challenging times and evolve from ordinary to extraordinary. From these experiences Donna was inspired to help others, and developed Fire Up Your Life! a transformative presentation about how to triumph over trials and conquer change. She delivers an inspirational message with a twist of drama and humor. You will laugh, cry, and become energized to ignite your Firepower! Her style is entertaining, memorable, and impactful.

Donna has been an organizer for the Special Olympics Winter Games in Northern California: fundraiser for Think Kindness, an organization to empower the youth: a supporter and participant in the Relay for Life Cancer Charity Walk Events, and an advocate for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign.

A former Miss Hawaii and television actress, Donna Hartley has shared her compelling story on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. A sought-after expert on surviving challenges and developing heart centered leadership. Donna is a member of the National Speakers Association, Screen Actors Guild and the owner of Hartley International. In addition, she is the author of Fire Up Your Life!, Fire Up Your Intuition!, Fire Up Your Healing! and the Healing Meditation CD and accompanying Insights workbook and has published six stories in the Chocolate for a Women’s Soul series and two stories in the Chicken Soup series.

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