Don Blohowiak

Don Blohowiak is a former marketing executive with the Times Mirror Company’s most profitable business unit with strategic and operational responsibilities. He held management posts in Southern California, Milwaukee, Detroit, Denver, and New York City with Fortune-500 companies, start-ups, and not-for-profits. Currently, he assists organizations with improving managerial productivity through consulting and programs on leadership, hiring, change, service, and priorities management.

As a certified coach Dr. Blohowiak honed his insights into effective leadership in over 20 years of executive experience at Fortune-500 companies, high-tech firms, and not-for-profits across the United States. He holds a Masters Degree in Human and Organizational Systems, and a Ph.D. in Human Development. With credential certification by the International Coach Federation, Blohowiak is a subject-matter expert for the American Management Association on managerial trust, formal mentoring programs, and managerial coaching.

He founded the Lead Well Institute in 1995 and has provided leadership development, management training, and executive coaching to such top organizations as Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Marines Corps, FedEx, Wal-Mart, Sisters of Charity and many national professional and trade associations.

Blohowiak takes a “whole systems” approach to coaching leaders, and most of the men and women he coaches are already accomplished, and hold significant positions of responsibility with advanced degrees. His work spans virtually every sector and industry: heavy construction to consumer marketing to health care to defense contracting to universitie. He is frequently consulted by CNN, Bloomburg News, Fox News, ABC Radio, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Reuters, AP, and many other major news outlets for insights into current issues related to his field.


Leading When It’s Fast & Furious
All around you, things are changing—customer demands, employee expectations, industry consolidation… How can you lead in this topsy-turvy world? How do you keep your staff focused when you’re a bit distracted yourself? This fast-paced, interactive session, led by Don Blohowiak, an experienced manager and noted author, goes way beyond the clichés and bumper sticker slogans about “embracing change.” Instead, you’ll get a frank, helpful look at how to manage effectively in a whirlwind. You’ll receive a refreshing take on how to inspire employee morale, how to improve “emotional competence” in the workplace, and a useful guide to the power of effective language to improve productivity. You’ll leave with both renewed confidence and a set of useful tools to help you lead with a style that’s true to who you are, and up to the challenges you face. Plus, you’ll gain practical insights on how to improve the productive output of the people you’re responsible for–without stretching them, or you, any thinner.

This session will bust some “Change Management” myths and provide you with effective strategies and techniques for:

  • How to get the work done amid changing priorities and shrinking resources
  • How to keep morale (yours and your colleagues) as positive as possible
  • How to “stay sane while going crazy”

You’ll leave with implementable tools that you can put to work right away back at the office to increase your own productivity and effectiveness, while encouraging others to do the same.

With Integrity
General principles and even specific rules are subject to interpretation. Even when you are sure that discerning right from wrong is a simple as the difference between black and white, you find that “ethical” is colored in many fuzzy shades of gray. How do you conduct yourself on the job so that you stay firmly on the right side of the ethical line? How do you systematically make tough calls, especially in “right versus right” situations?

Participants in this workshop receive a helpful framework for personal decision-making to help them work ethically and make decisions — easy and hard — with integrity. Take-home tools include questions to ask to clarify a situation’s ethical standing, and specific guidelines for how to talk openly and positively about an issue when it enters the ethical “gray zone.” You’ll learn processes to help assure that high levels of integrity can be maintained at all times.

Leading by Enquiry: How to Coach and Mentor
“Leading by enquiry” is the most engaging form of leadership. Done well, leading by asking rather than telling evokes imagination, participation, and complete commitment of your team members. While coaching and mentoring your team members sounds like a great idea, how do you really do it?

Attendees leave with a complete toolkit including a step-by-step process diagram, and an entire bank of ready-to-use questions they can put to work immediately in effective coaching sessions. These tools can be deployed to improve team member performance, address attitude challenges, and mentor associates for career development.

What You Thought I Meant Is Not What I Intended for You to Misinterpret: How to Avoid Misunderstandings, Miscommunications, and Other Blunders of Human Interaction
We spend all day communicating, sending words back and forth. How do your words seem to get so twisted sometimes, and how can you avoid the frustrating, disappointing, and agonizingly unproductive “failures to communicate”? What are the steps you can take to help assure clarity in communication, shared understanding, and far fewer communication “breakdowns”? This very practical session takes a fresh and innovative look at interpersonal communication. You’ll leave with innovative tools to help you improve your communication effectiveness that will help you reduce misunderstandings, unintended friction, and unnecessary interpersonal strife! Session leader Don Blohowiak is noted management and leadership author, a certified executive coach, and working his PhD in human development.



Full Biography

Dr. Don Blohowiak, the founder of Lead Well Development, honed his insights into effective leadership with over 20 years of executive experience––in four time zones, from California to New York City (in Fortune-500s, high-tech start-ups and not-for-profits).

Don holds a Master’s Degree in Human and Organizational Systems, and a Ph.D. in Human Development. He received his formal training in executive coaching at Georgetown University, completing its renowned graduate certificate program for Leadership Coaching. Don also studied Developmental Coaching at the InteRDevelopMental Institute. He was credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2008, and served as an officer of its Greater Richmond, Virginia Chapter.

Don is the author of six well-regarded management books distributed around the world with translations into Chinese, Hebrew, Portuguese, and German. He’s been an award-winning leadership columnist for CNET Networks, and has published more than 200 articles in leading publications on leadership and change management. He’s been asubject matter expert for the American Management Association on managerial coaching, managerial trust and formal mentoring. Don developed several management courses for the AMA and served on its faculty.

Don was selected as one of the top 150 world-renowned business thought leaders(joining Charles Handy, Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, and Jim Collins) by the publishers of the globally popular and widely praised book, BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource. Don’s chapter was on Best Practices in Leadership Development. His thinking on evidence-based management was recently published (2011, with colleague Dr. Ruth Zaplin) in an international scholarly work for public sector executives.

A frequent presenter at management conferences, Don has been quoted on management issues by the major news media including USA Today, CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, Across the Board magazine, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, ABC Radio, Associated Press, UPI, Reuters magazine, National Productivity Review, Entrepreneur, Business Marketing, Incentive magazine, and countless professional and trade journals worldwide.

Don founded the Lead Well® Institute in 1995 to help executive teams and individuals to improve their performance. He has been privileged to provide leadership development, management training, and executive coaching to such top organizations as Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Marines Corps, FedEx, Wal-Mart, Motorola and numerous national professional and trade associations.

Expertise:  BUSINESS | Change | Communication | Customer Service | Leadership | Recruitment / Retention