Christine Dumas

Christine Dumas is a medical and lifestyle reporter as well as accomplished author. As a seasoned TV news reporter, Dumas is one of America’s most trusted personalities. She shows audiences how to live more successful, happier and engaging lives. Never far from the leading edge of what is affecting our world today, she offers audiences the information necessary to gain control of their happiness, career, health and future in an entertaining and engaging way. Dumas covers a wide range of topics from athletes in the Olympics to the legal issues of drugs that are unsafe for children.

Since 1996, her stories have appeared on The Today Show and Weekend Edition Today. She has reported on health, lifestyle, and fitness features for Weekend Today at the NBC affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dumas appears regularly as a medical reporter on Weekend Live on Fox News, as well as being regularly featured on the Sirius Stars Network, where she comments on topical issues which range across medicine, lifestyle, and the currency of conversation. She has been featured on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View.

Dumas covers a broad range of issues in her reporting, from profiling athletes competing in the Olympics to legal issues surrounding drugs that are unsafe for children,all with unparalleled intensity, commitment and compassion.

Author of a healthcare guide, Special Treatment: How to Get the Same High-Quality Health Care Your Doctor Gets, a reference guide for households across America that was featured in the January 2005 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine as one of the must-have health books of the year. Her second book, The Weight Is Over, addresses breakthrough science and advances surrounding sleep, stress, and weight loss that might contradict everything you thought you knew about fat, carbs, and exercise. With unparalleled intensity, commitment and compassion she provides the real answers and a simple path to the healthy lifestyle that we all want but that always seems to be just out of our reach.



Transformation Healthcare – How Business Leaders Can Get Ahead of the Curve in a Post- Healthcare Reform World
In the post-reform world of healthcare, American businesses will be among the most heavily impacted by the new legislation. From new regulations and compliance issues to dealing with potential caps on premiums, many businesses may already be significantly behind the curve on managing the impact to their business and to their employees. In this presentation, Christine Dumas can help you navigate the complexities of this new legislation and share with your human resource and business leaders what they need to do now to prepare for the coming change.

Our country is at a critical juncture regarding the health of our citizens and the transformation of our health care system as a result of the passage of healthcare reform legislation. As research and science lead to groundbreaking cures and new live-saving treatments, doctors, patients, human resource and health care administrators are all increasingly frustrated by the factors that drive up costs and limit the availability of the highest quality, state of the art health care.

Drawing on her experience as a nationally recognized medical correspondent with a degree in Economics, a nationally recognized expert on corporate workplace wellness and as a senior advisor to the Center for Health Transformation in Washington DC, Dr. Christine Dumas covers the leading edge trends in the U.S. health care system and the changes that will come as a result of the new legislation. She covers how these trends will transform our health care system and the role that corporate America will play.

What Christine knows from her years covering healthcare is that promoting better health means more than just passing new healthcare legislation. To get a healthier America and a healthier workforce we need to transform the way Americans think about their health. She discusses a leadership-driven model for a healthcare system of the future that we can embark on today – one that is patient-centered and rich in innovation. She outlines in detail what the American consumer really wants from their healthcare experiences. She provides her audiences with insight on the critical issues that business leaders and human resource managers will face when dealing with the new healthcare landscape as a result of the new legislation, while outlining specific trends that will lead to better care and a healthier America.

Creating Your Best Life: Health and Wellness Edition
In her refreshingly entertaining and straightforward style, Christine Dumas shares the candid advice that has motivated her throughout her career, inspiring audiences to take charge of their life, career, health and happiness.

Drive, determination and knowing where you want life to take you are part of the equation for success. At each step of the way, Dumas emphasizes the importance of never letting traditional expectations keep you from having your preferred life — one that is custom-made for you. To say that she thinks “outside the box” doesn’t begin to describe her intuitive, innovative and entertaining presentation for everything from financing a college education to a business, to doing whatever you feel passionate about, to seamlessly changing course in life as opportunities present themselves — allowing you to create the very best life possible.

Creating Your Best Life features many health and wellness highlights from her book, The Weight is Over (Wiley, 2011) which deals with new groundbreaking research surrounding stress, sleep and the physiology of the brain and how those factors can impact your lifestyle, family life, relationships and positive self image. She takes new science and research and makes it “consumer friendly” so that the audience member or reader can instantly understand it, embrace it and take action. Her book, Special Treatment, was selected by O Magazine as one of the top five must-read books of 2005. Your audience will be entertained and inspired with a memorable presentation that will change the lives of those in attendance.

Delivering the Promise – What Healthcare Consumers Really Want in the New World of Healthcare
To get a healthier America and a healthier workforce, healthcare providers need to fully understand the new way Americans are thinking about their health today. Christine outlines in detail what the American consumer really wants from their healthcare experiences – not what healthcare providers think that they want – in this challenging and rapidly changing healthcare landscape. She describes how healthcare providers and businesses can not only deliver, but exceed the healthcare consumer’s new expectations.

More than ever, consumers are clear that healthcare should be about the relationship between a patient and his healthcare provider – not about rules and regulations coming from Capitol Hill. She will show you ways to put the caring and humanity back into the healthcare experience in ways that Americans can easily embrace and appreciate. She provides her audiences with insight on the critical issues that healthcare providers, business leaders and human resource managers will face when dealing with the new healthcare landscape as a result of the new legislation, while outlining specific trends that will lead to happier consumers of healthcare, better care and a healthier America.

Building Your Strongest Brand: Successfully Reaching Women Across America and the Blogosphere
Today’s businesses require visionary strategies that quickly respond to rapidly changing conditions and intense competition?especially among the trillion dollar “mom market.” Find out what this demographic thinks, needs and desires as Christine Dumas discusses her connections among women utilizing her expertise as a national television correspondent, author and trends specialist. With her engaging insight, witty commentary and successful web outreach, she shows Fortune 500 companies and consumer brands how to turn occasional shoppers into profitable brand ambassadors while simultaneously improving their bottom line. Whether you are building a new brand or reinventing an existing brand, you will take away important lessons to better understand the women who can build your brand from one of America’s most trusted television personalities.

Christine Dumas as Moderator and Entertainer
One of the most charismatic, entertaining and gifted moderators available today, Christine Dumas leads panel discussions with the perfect balance of information, entertainment and tone, while bringing out the best in diverse panels across the spectrum. More than just a facilitator, she can turn a panel discussion into the highlight and most memorable moment of your meeting.

Full Biography

Dr. Christine Dumas is a consumer/health /lifestyle reporter, strategic consumer trends advisor and author. Since 1996, her stories have appeared on NBC News Today and NBC News Weekend Edition Today. She has also been a regularly featured medical correspondent on Fox News Channel’s Weekend Live since 2003.

Dumas has been the national spokesperson for Kellogg’s Healthy Beginnings campaign and currently serves as a senior adviser to the Center for Health Transformation in Washington, DC. In addition to her clinical training, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA and has been called upon as an advisor to Congressional committees addressing lifestyle issues that matter most among American families. Her insight and Washington experience among politicians, policy and watchdog groups as well as industry organizations makes her perspective increasingly valuable in this rapidly changing marketplace.

As an expert in consumer trends, Dumas has advised domestic and multi-national brands on message, product positioning and tactical outreach. Companies utilize her skills, warmth and demeanor due to her connection with a wide demographic, contact with well over a quarter of a million women and also, because of one prime keyword affiliation: trust. Consumers across the country have bonded with Dumas listening to her sage recommendations, knowing it originates from someone who understands them, their lifestyle and their needs. She holds an unparalleled position in this capacity, and is considered one of the key connectors to “gatekeeper moms,” viewed by many as their primary demographic. Dumas stands alone as someone who can interpret trends navigate a path for success and help reach a target audience as well as financial goals.

Each speech delivered by Dumas is unique. As a result, she creates special appeal and a value added component for both organizers and attendees with unparalleled satisfaction. Her appearance is further complemented by her extended one-on-one post meeting gatherings. Many feel working with her is both an investment and beginning of an extended relationship for them and their clients.

Dumas started her broadcasting career as a health correspondent on ABC’s Home Show and was also featured in a similar role for Home and Family. She also makes guest appearances on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View.

Dumas’ 2010 book, The Weight is Over, showcases the many facets of her expertise. She addresses the breakthrough science and advances surrounding sleep, stress and weight loss while contradicting common themes about fat, carbohydrates and exercise. She connects the dots, provides the real answers and a simple path to the healthy lifestyle everyone wants but always seems to be out of reach. The Weight is Over will transform everyone’s relationship with food and health allowing them to relax, enjoy and understand the breaking edge information they need to transform their bodies and their lives.

Dumas delivered the keynote address for the Speaking of Women’s Health National Tour, where she covered the latest trends in health, lifestyle and fitness, while delivering that message to thousands of women across the United States. She has also served as a national spokesperson and strategic planning consultant for the American Medical Association’s Women’s Health Campaign and the National Tobacco-Free Steering Committee for the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. She serves on the senior faculty of the American Medical Association’s Health Broadcasting Conference, providing counsel and advice to some of the most well-known officials and experts communicating with the public. She is one of the nation’s foremost experts and thought leaders on employee wellness and high quality healthcare transformation for our nation’s corporations and for all Americans in the workplace setting and at home.

Dumas has spent over a decade reporting on trends in health, lifestyle, fitness and sports giving her a leading-edge perspective that is sought-after by Fortune 500 corporations, think tank associations and group forums, such as The California Governor and First Lady’s Conference on Women and Families. Her background and broad-based career experience give her a unique perspective that resonates with audiences. She has covered a broad range of issues in her reporting-from profiling athletes to legal issues surrounding drugs that are unsafe for children-all with unparalleled intensity, commitment and compassion.

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