Calah Thomas is a frequent presenter at of Celebrate Recovery, where her story of recovery is often shared to help others through the difficulties they are experiencing in life.

In 2006, Ms. Thomas graduated with a degree in paralegal studies and subsequently worked with several family law firms in Arizona.

In 2011 Ms. Thomas established her own business, assisting people through the legal process that cannot afford an attorney.

In 2013 Ms. Thomas received her BA in paralegal studies.

Calah is a substance abuse survivor who connects with audiences, both young and old, about substance abuse and the road to recovery. She draws on her own history to convince audiences that it is never too late to follow your dreams, overcome their setbacks and start making the right choices.

Because of her desire to “fit in”, the choices she made had a daunting effect on her life for many years. By the age of 13, drugs and alcohol were permanent fixtures in her life. By the age of 22 she had been arrested and charged with four felonies for possession of dangerous drugs. She lived on the streets and lost every material possession she owned. The loss of her older brother to an accidental drug overdose seemed to awaken something in her and she made the decision to get “sober”.

Through legal issues, graduating from college and many other accomplishments, something was still lingering…addiction.

Calah made a decision 13 years ago to be sober. But that decision was not put into action for many years. Drugs are not just found on the street…they are readily available everywhere . In her presentation, Calah relates how making a decision and taking action on that decision are completely different things – how she has transformed through heartache and feelings of complete desperation into a voice of hope and encouragement.

“Society often presents an unrealistic vision of reality. Addiction is sneaky…and it can happen to anyone. Social use is not only accepted, it is expected. Recognizing future consequences, both good and bad, are key to painting the canvas of your life as you desire, and it all begins with the understanding the importance of acting on a decision.”

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