Zero to hilarity in 60 seconds. Have you got a minute? Because that’s all it takes for Bob Arno to shift an audience through a full range of emotions: confusion, surprise, admiration, intrigue, and awe. From then on, he maintains a steady pace of hilarity, comedy, satire, and slick scams that are cleverly blended into a superbly-executed professional demonstration of pick-pocketing, revealing the sly tricks of pickpockets who prowl city streets worldwide. Exclusive video footage is projected, of actual street crime as it happens.

These are not re-enactments, but real pickpockets and other street thieves caught in the act, as only Bob Arno could catch them. As an integral part of the presentation, this film footage informs, amazes, and prepares the audience for his next segment, a dramatic and comedic take on how it really happens. In an age of junk-food entertainment and formula humor, Arno redefines dynamic comedy. Tasteful enough for the most conservative business affairs, The Art of the Steal is always tailored to suit the clientele. Its interactive format results in a high-impact and exciting entertainment event. He and wife Bambi Vincent co-authored the book Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams.




Interactive comedy pickpocket stage show blends hilarity and reality. High-impact audience participation for small to huge groups. With smart, timely, useful content, audiences learn through tears of laughter. Different, powerful, side-splitting.

Safety & Security
Renown travel safety expert Bob Arno’s Keynote & Comedy covers timely security topics for all. Bob shares his entertaining insight through the back door of street crime. Packed with humor and anti-theft advice, this demo-rich, destination-specific presentation is fully customizable and includes relevant video from Mr. Arno’s own archive. Regularly praised as “fascinating,” “educational,” & “invaluable.”

Identity Theft
It all starts with the acquisition of your private info. What can a thief do with each piece of information and how can it be spun into big bucks (for the thief), bad credit (for you), and worse? Bob teaches how to avoid ID theft, the damage that can be done, and how the fascinating methods of ID thieves.

Entertainment with a message
Like a spoonful of sugar, humor and laughter make the lesson sink in. For a high-impact, long-remembered event, Bob Arno embeds your points while holding the rapt attention of his audience.

Secrets of the Steal Business
Bob Arno artfully blends the comedy and tragedy of thievery in his outrageous presentation, Secrets of the Steal Business. He sets up confrontations that push buttons, poke fun, and provoke the gut reactions usually held tightly in check. He touches on themes that haunt and intrigue the curious mind: treachery, risk-taking, dishonesty, and dangerous pursuits.

Other topics include:

  • Is your competition picking your pocket?
  • Gain the competitive advantage
  • The Illicit Acquisions Game
  • Data-mining and intellectual property theft
  • Travel safety and identity theft

Tactical observation skills
Lifted from the street are useful in the boardroom and business lunch. Illustrated with demos, brought to life with video, and peppered with humor and anecdotes, Bob Arno’s upbeat talks teach awareness and the importance of observation as a strategy to gain the competitive advantage in business relationships.

Full Biography

Time magazine called Bob Arno “the world’s foremost expert on the techniques of first-rank ‘wires,’” the slang term for pickpockets. Years of research and first-hand observation of real street crime have made him an authority frequently consulted by police, security experts, and television producers.

Bob is a leading international provider of theft risk management solutions for the business and leisure sectors. He is an internationally recognized street-crime and diversion theft authority who has spent his career tracking and filming street thieves in action. His extraordinary footage is frequently used on news- and talk-shows around the world. As an expert on body language and con games, Bob narrates his footage with insight and authority. His documentaries reveal amazingly devious con games and brazen thefts.

Each year, Bob dedicates significant time in which to find, follow, and film pickpockets and con artists in the world’s top travel destinations. His interviews and interrogations of countless thieves have given him a backdoor perspective on the mindset of this underclass.

Bob’s unique footage of candid conversations and crime-in-action is incorporated into his presentations, shared with police and security forces around the world, and made into documentaries.

Bob artfully blends the comedy and tragedy of thievery in his outrageous presentations. Illustrated with demonstrations and brought to life with his unique video, he explores and exposes the methods and motivation of street thieves, con artists, and identity thieves.

He is a frequent presenter at Tourism Safety & Security Conferences and pre-Super Bowl seminars for law enforcement and security professionals. With exclusive video, live demonstrations, and well-appreciated humor, Bob offers a global perspective on diversion theft techniques and the latest international trends.

Bob Arno is a speaker, entertainer, author, and special lecturer to law enforcement agencies. He has been profiled or quoted on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, ABC’s 20/20, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Court TV, in The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Kiplinger’s, National Geographic Traveler, Law and Order, and others. He has lectured for the Police Departments of Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Honolulu, Anaheim, and many abroad; for Tourism Safety & Security Conferences around the country, and many others; for Kroll & Associates, RSA Security Conference and Expo, and more. He taught an accredited course at the Connecticut State Police Training Academy. With his wife, Bambi Vincent, he is co-author of the book Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams.