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Brett King

Often referred to as The Disruptor, Brett King is known in financial circles as a Bank Futurist. Recently named Innovator of the Year’ by American Banker Bank TechnologyNews Magazine, Brett’s radical and revolutionary views pertaining to customer experience and financial services have made him a sought after expert and strategic advisor to many of the […]

Seth Mattison

Seth Mattison Are you struggling with generational issues? Charged with understanding the newly-hired Millennials flooding into your workplace? Are you looking for an insightful presentation on the hottest talent trends accompanied by practical, applicable solutions? Millennial expert on the generations, Seth Mattison has the answers, delivered in an engaging, thought-provoking, media-rich presentation that leaves audiences […]

Tom DeLuca

Tom DeLuca Tom DeLuca has perfected programs that are entertaining, dynamic and results-oriented. “Theatre of the Imagination” and “Power Napping®” are targeted to business people who may be threatened by exhaustion and anxiety, or who are simply in need of an entertaining escape. Innovation can only come from the imagination, and Tom DeLuca’s hypnosis performance […]

Scott O’Grady

Scott O’Grady An American Hero and New York Times Best-selling Author, Air Force fighter pilot, Captain Scott O’Grady was shot down over Bosnia while helping to enforce the NATO no-fly zone in an F-16. Alone and facing death, capture and the elements he discovered within himself the spirit to go on, and relied on the […]

Kitty Chappell

Kitty Chappell We’ve all discovered that where there is life, there is pain. As we struggle to gain coping skills to help us endure, survive, and overcome our past and present pains, who among us is satisfied with clichés—sugar-coated admonitions to “just pray and the pain will go away”? Kitty Chappell is an accomplished “where […]

The Passing Zone

You’ve heard of keynote speakers..but keynote jugglers? The best keynote speakers do a lot more than present a meaningful and informative message: they act as a springboard to launch your imagination, expand your perception and open new doors to possibility! Whether hanging audience members from bungee cords or juggling the most unlikely objects, The Passing […]

William Shipman

William Shipman Perhaps the most trusted voice on Social Security and retirement finance reform, both in the United States and around the world, William Shipman enlightens audiences on a potential crisis of international proportions that has, up until recently, gone largely unnoticed. The rapid increase of the elderly population, combined with support systems that are […]