Andrea Beaulieu

Andrea has successfully run her business as an inspired coach, consultant and communication artist for the past 27 years, fulfilled her dream to be a singer and stage performer, and as a single mom, raised her son to be a leader in his life. Her experiences dealing with such issues as growing up with alcoholism, abuse and low self-esteem make her message of hope and inspiration to others that much deeper. She believes that no matter what has happened in your life, you are enough – more than enough – you are brilliant! She is a living example of how to not let the past stop you from shining in your life or at work.


Andrea is the author of Ah Ha! 100 Flashes of Insight and Inspiration from Your Authentic Voice, and Finding Your Authentic Voice: Seven Practices to Free the Real You and Experience Love, Happiness and Fulfillment. In her inspirational/motivational programs, she uses the personal and spiritual growth that transformed her life and her work. In her leadership and business programs, she infuses her presentations with the practical experience and expertise she has gained in the worlds of business and nonprofit leadership.


Inspirational/Motivational – In Business, and in Life

• Be You, Be Great! There is something greater in you than any challenge you will face – your authentic power! Andrea shares the three steps to igniting this power – Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Give Yourself – and how to use that power in leading others. She customizes this program with a humorous theatrical story reflecting the trials and tribulations your audience faces, and ends with a powerful personal story of transformation and how they can be themselves and be great.

• How Do I Take Care of Myself When You’re the Only One Who’s Important?! In this funny and tender program targeted to women and their loved ones, audience members laugh and cry as they experience the crazy things we do when we are codependent, raving relationship junkies! Laced with heartwarming stories, audience members learn three self-care tools to give them the best chance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships, or at the very least, not driving them into the ditch – respect, trustworthy communication and being true to yourself.

Leadership and Business Programs

• Get Your Story Straight! Tell Your Story Powerfully to Inspire Action Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication and persuasion we know. In this workshop, Andrea teaches participants how to define, develop and deliver a story about their organization to their target audiences; identify the core point and the example or anecdote that backs up this point that has personal meaning to them; capture their story through a structured and creative writing process; and deliver their story using emotional engagement and creative expression techniques that amplify their own natural skills and abilities. Participants have the opportunity to share their stories with others and, in longer programs, receive individual coaching from Andrea.

• You Have All The Power There Is – Use It! Authentic power is the only true power there is. Audience members learn the three steps to igniting this power for themselves — Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Give Yourself — in this funny, tender speech. She uses as evidence her own journey from corporate America to starting her own business and leaving her mark on the international stage!

• Harness The Power of Intuition – Your Authentic Voice! Based on Andrea’s book, “Finding Your Authentic Voice: Seven Practices to Free the Real You and Experience Love, Happiness and Fulfillment,” audience members learn how to release their intuitive brilliance – their authentic voice — at work and in their personal lives to create more of want they want.

• This Would Be Really Funny if it Weren’t Happening to Me! The Three Essential Truths of Leadership. Andrea lays leadership myths on the line with this funny and poignant look at what happens when things go wrong and the buck stops with you! Andrea uses hilarious one-liners to communicate her essential truths for leaders in any industry, like this one: I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either. Bottom line: Leadership is not about pleasing people. It’s about serving people. During this interactive program, audience members learn about their personality preferences using the True Colors profile and how to use it to better understand and work with their team.

Full Biography

Andrea Beaulieu is a coach, consultant and culture catalyst, speaker and performer. Her featured services include authentic leadership executive coaching, story/presentation skills performance coaching and training, team facilitation, training and coaching in communication, values and leadership, and her celebration, Love Is Loud! With her professional expertise and personal experience in leadership, communication, creativity, life skills, and the performing arts, Andrea assists individuals and organizations to get to the essence of their purpose, values, and goals, and express them powerfully and authentically in the world. She combines her abilities as a speaker and performer to coach others to be more powerful presenters and tell their stories with enthusiasm and passion.

Andrea grew up in a family where alcoholism impacted her view of herself and the world. She experienced the confusing and traumatizing effects of sexual molestation outside of her family. While showing up as a super-achieving student, and a performer who traveled with Up With People and performed for the Super Bowl Halftime show, Indianapolis 500 and Bob Hope’s Birthday Party, she silently struggled with seriously low self-esteem, bulimia and depression. She thought being a girl was a very unlucky thing. As a young adult, she rose quickly in her profession in corporate communications, community relations and marketing, traveling throughout the world, but no accomplishment was good enough. She longed to share her voice – literally and figuratively – but was too afraid of rejection. For many years, she did not believe herself worthy or lovable.

Since 1987, Andrea has served dozens of clients in several industries, worked as the contracted executive director for two nonprofit organizations, and interim executive director for two additional nonprofits, and supported numerous individual authentic leadership and story performance coaching clients.

Previously, she served as director of public relations for Ramada, Inc. responsible for the company’s international corporate philanthropy and community relations, employee communications and international public relations functions. She also has held management and creative positions with a public relations agency, a national retail company, and an emergency medical standards organization. She is the recipient of numerous awards including The Art of the Show First Place from the International Association of Exhibition Management and the Copper Quill Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators.

She has a certificate in Transformational Life Coaching from the highly esteemed, nationally accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, Ariz., completing an intensive 100-hour course. She also has received certifications from the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in Facilitation Training, and from the Chemical Awareness Training Institute in Student Assistance and Support Group Facilitator Training.

As a professional speaker, Andrea has shared her expertise and inspirational stories with diverse audiences including the Women in Intel Network, Scottsdale Healthcare, the American Academy of Family Physicians Women’s Health and Physician Wellness Conference, Northern Trust Bank, and the Association for Financial Professionals of Arizona, among others.

In all programs, she touches the hearts of her audience with humor and tenderness, and as a result of her performance background, brings a level of entertainment and engagement not usually found.

Concurrently, she has been an actress and singer for more than 30 years performing in various venues, and has traveled with the international organization, Up With People, singing and dancing at the Super Bowl Halftime, the Indianapolis 500, and Bob Hope’s Birthday Party. She currently offers a one-woman show, “Love is Loud,” and is available for special events and club work.

She is the author of Ah Ha! 100 Flashes of Insight and Inspiration from Your Authentic Voice and Finding Your Authentic Voice: Seven Practices to Free the Real You and Experience Love, Happiness and Fulfillment.

She has served on the boards of directors of several nonprofit organizations including Parent’s Anonymous, and the New School for the Arts and Academics. She is currently a member and volunteer with the Greater Arizona Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Phoenix, Ariz.; a member of the Steering Committee of Gabriel’s Angels, Phoenix, Ariz.; a member of HNK Consultants (of St. Luke’s Health Initiative), Phoenix, Ariz.; and an Accredited Communicator Bronze with Toastmasters. She graduated magna cum laude from Arizona State University in Mass Communications, Tempe, Ariz.