Carrie Stein is a national speaker and expert in technology disruption in worldwide economic markets and politics. From starting Coffee House Café in North Dallas and winning D Magazine’s Best Breakfast Award and the Inc 5000 to checkoff a bucket list item, to serving in human resources, operations and management positions in the nonprofit and corporate world, Carrie has memorable and engaging stories to tell with proven stats. Previously, as an Economic Analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and an adjunct Communications Professor at UT Dallas.

Carrie is an expert on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine based learning in driving consumer decision making across multiple industries. She has been a guest columnist for United Press International, a guest on over 400 radio talk shows on over 5000 stations, as well as appeared on 75 TV interviews on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, WB and C-Span with an excess of 1.2 million viewers. She has been a featured keynote speaker at conferences and events. Kelleher holds a B.S. in Economics and Finance from UT Dallas, a Masters in Strategic Communications and Leadership from Seton Hall University, and lives with her husband, four children and three high maintenance dogs.


  • Strategic Communications
  • Keys to Effective Messaging
  • Economic Outlook – Rational Versus Emotional Economy
  • Technology Disruption in Worldwide Markets



  •        Content: Carrie K. Stein is a serial entrepreneur who started her career as an economic analyst at the Federal Reserve. Carrie gets to the heart of how macro-economic trends create opportunities for both financial investors and businesses alike, and how the entrepreneurial mindset drives results and how to cultivate it.
  •        Take-Away: Understand current market conditions and future trends for your clients. Carrie also provides immediate implementable takeaways for cultivating an entrepreneur mindset that creates unparalleled organizational results.


  •         Content: From her proven success in internal messaging and thriving communication campaigns, Carrie discusses the art and skill of effective messaging and persuasion.
  •         Take-Away: Learn what educates, excites, informs, and what motivates individuals. From simple conversation to a message for the country, learn to clearly identify your message, and ultimately your goal, before you communicate. Carrie’s structure provides for effective communication to help your organization eliminate misunderstandings, misinformation, and costly mishaps.


  •         Content: Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in your company can give you a tremendous competitive edge. Growth, Innovation and Disruption create differentiation and market value. As a successful serial entrepreneur Carrie shows how you can command attention in a crowded market for your products and services.
  •         Take-Away: Carrie will help you get searing clarity on your profit proposition that will inspire you both personally and professionally to start and grow your or team, department business to the next level.


  •         Content: Develop the insider know-how to make your team more efficient with stronger leadership and collaboration. Carrie outlines and flushes out the Quantum Theory of Trust which will has assisted teams in achieving meaningful and action-oriented agreements. Identifying and harnessing unique talents and strengths of each team member is critical.
  •         Take-Away: Whether you are motivating a small team, leading a department, or managing a major corporation, Carrie offers unique insights into effective team building and change management. You will learn specific strategies for turning a good team into a great one — a top-producing, dynamic, and cohesive team.


  •         Content: Drawing on her research background as an analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank and as a leading authority on the economy and tax policy, Carrie delivers an engaging outlook on the economy.
  •         Take-Away: A comparison of rational versus emotional economic theory gives you fresh insights into current market conditions. What is really moving the market and what can you expect in future trends? She covers the basic tenets of behavioral and conventional economics and blends anecdotes from her successful career to provide a fresh look at what lies ahead for the economy short and long-term.


  •         Content: In today’s social, online community, it is time to re-think complaints and how to handle them. Beginning her career as an economic analyst for the federal reserve Carrie brings a unique perspective to analyzing customer service feedback as critical data.
  •         Take-Away: Carrie’s simple formula for approaching escalated customers helps teams be immediately and measurably more effective, while keeping customers delighted.

Educational Background 

  • Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude), Economics and Finance, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Master of Science, Strategic Communications and Leadership, Seton Hall University

What distinguishes Carrie is her absolute passion for the projects she works on. Any topic that affects people’s lives and livelihood induces her to dig in and discover all she needs to know in order to master their subject, even if it involves 20 hour days.