Amy Cappellanti-Wolf

Amy has held vital human resources roles at large corporations such as Cisco Systems and many other established organizations. Amy has developed innovative leadership development success programs and processes; she helps transform businesses with exceptional guidance and insight. She has directly contributed to companies’ globalization efforts and developed workforce planning and global mobility practices to resource new and emerging practices outside of the U.S.   Amy is also an active part of her community, providing ongoing support to children as a Board member of the non-profit Silicon Valley Children’s Fund.

Amy Cappellanti-Wolf is Former SVP & CHRO at Symantec, the world’s largest cybersecurity software company, based in Mountain View, CA. In addition to serving on the executive team and managing Symantec’s global HR function, she led Symantec’s workplace/ workforce strategy and planning, real estate and facilities function.   Amy brings data, research and proven best practices to all of her keynotes and presentations, which makes her a gem of a speaker!

She is an AMAZING speaker and coach for executives focusing on talent as the key driver of business growth.



•  Technology & HR Effectiveness

•  Business Transformation/Change Management

•  Organizational Design and Process Management

•  Business Partnerships

•  Communication Strategy Facilitation

•  Diversity & Inclusion in Tech.


LEADERSHIP  In this session, Amy draws upon her experience in transformational change, reviewing the new millennium’s changing business requirements. Though a case study regarding  how to convert a traditional organization to an enabling enterprise, Amy teaches her audience how to evolve HR to be business centric around technology, workflow and products. Amy reviews Symantec’s framework for delivering results, from Global Data Privacy to Data Security in a mobile age, how an unstructured workforce adapts to digital strategy and the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on the business, as well as the outcome of the company’s data driven analysis efforts.

DEVELOPING A HIGH PERFORMANCE CULTURE THAT ENABLES YOUR COMPANY TO GROW & THRIVE     In this session, Amy outlines how a strong organizational culture can clearly differentiate a business from its competitors in the mind of its stakeholders. According to  LSA  Global, a consulting firm specializing in culture and talent, companies that align culture with business have more growth and more profitability. They have three times the customer satisfaction, two times the customer retention, eight times leadership effectiveness and over 17 times more employee engagement. Every culture is unique to the company and the culture reinforces the company when it is well defined. Yet, only companies that can relate their cultures directly to their business strategy will perform and grow. What role does culture play in the growth of a company? How can we enable culture to grow our business? What processes can we implement to ensure our culture optimizes our business strategy? In this session, Amy explores how culture and business strategy go hand in hand, and demonstrates how culture is a key enabler for growing the business. Using real life examples, Amy  explain how to integrate business strategy with culture, and lays out proven tools, processes and systems to develop a strong culture that helps the business grow and thrive. She uses Symantec’s experience as the example.

TECHNOLOGY AND IT’S IMPACT ON HR’S EFFECTIVENESS     Technology runs today’s workplace but what role does it play for a department that has the word “human” in its title?  Racing through rapid-fire business acquisitions, Amy had to find the best path to leverage technology without losing the focus on employees. Amy delivers the tools you need to build an HR strategy that can solve real business problems while keeping the “human” in “Human Resources.”

KEYS TO CREATING A DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE WORKFORCE     Most global businesses today have wide ranging customer sets, with multinational needs and solutions. Those that are well positioned for success will have workforces resembling the customer base and community as a whole. Without diversity of thought and experience, the customer base cannot be understood or properly served. Diversity in the workforce and equal treatment are therefore prerequisites for any successful organization.  In order to represent everybody -not just a segment of the employees, businesses must remove biases, get the best and brightest in the war for talent and embrace all the different benefits diversity brings for their customers. In this session,  Amy  explains the critical need for a diverse and inclusive business environment and the effectiveness of the “diversity multiplier”.  She shares practices she has put in place to help leverage the power of inclusion. Finally, she will explore how having a strong talent and workforce strategy results in amazing dividends for all customers and shareholders.

SURVIVING and THRIVING THROUGHOUT ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION     Executive teams are facing multiple and complex demands arising from changing  market pressures, disruptive technology, acquisitions and competition for talent. CEOs and their surrounding teams know that attention to top and bottom lines is crucial. Today’s enterprise is a complicated, open and alive system that must keep adapting to change. Thriving through transformation requires prioritizing people throughout. In this session, Amy  lays out the challenges companies are facing, and provide processes and systems that have been successfully implemented to prioritize talent during change, and help HR leaders successfully navigate change.


Amy  Cappellanti-Wolf  is  the  former  SVP  &  CHRO  for  Symantec,  the  world’s  largest cybersecurity software company, based in Mountain View, CA.  In addition to serving on the executive team and managing Symantec’s global human resources function, she led Symantec’s Workplace/Workforce Strategy and Planning, Real Estate and Facilities organizations.

With more than three decades of experience leading companies across the high tech, entertainment and consumer products industries through complex transformations, Amy is a proven organizational design and development leader as well as executive coach focusing on talent as the key driver of business growth. Amy specializes in helping businesses survive and thrive while undergoing deep transformation and has extensive experience leading complex mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Her focus areas include Business Transformation and Change Management, Organizational Design and Process Management, Business Partnership, Communication Strategy Facilitation, and Diversity in Tech.

As CHRO at Symantec, Amy successfully led the global organizational operating model, structure, change management and integration strategies for large scale acquisitions and divestitures. She led effectiveness strategies related to organization and people optimization, and delivered systemic program and metrics related to structure, workforce planning, talent, and real estate consolidation. Amy has deep experience in architecting HR Operating Models in support of the business with her most recent emphasis on building Talent Development and HR Solutions capability. She has delivered high-impact automation and predictive data analytics and reporting, reducing operating expense, while improving operational effectiveness. In the real estate space, she integrated workforce planning with real estate optimization, significantly reducing operating costs while also delivering award-winning workspaces for better collaboration and productivity, among other successes.

Prior to joining Symantec, Amy was CHRO at Silver Spring Networks, where she led Global HR, Real Estate, and Technical Education organizations. Amy helped to deliver a successful IPO in March 2013. She established HR infrastructure, programs, and technology to drive global scale for the fast growing hardware, software, and services business, and she led several organizational companywide restructures. Amy built and ramped a professional talent acquisition team, doubled the employee population in less than eighteen months, implemented various automation and information systems, and opened up the European, South American, and Asian offices.

From 2001 to 2009, Amy held key human resources roles at Cisco Systems, where she developed innovative leadership development programs and processes. She directly contributed to Cisco’s globalization efforts by developing workforce planning and global mobility practices to resource new and emerging capabilities outside of the US. Specifically, Amy led HR for the U.S. Enterprise Sales team; Worldwide Marketing; Business Functions; and the Decision Support, Services and Operations Businesses. Prior to Cisco, Amy also led HR teams at Sun Microsystems, The Walt Disney Company, and Frito-Lay.

Amy holds an M.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations and a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations, both from West Virginia University.  Amy provides ongoing support of children and foster children as a Board member of the non-profit Silicon Valley Children’s Fund and also serves an advisor to several private companies. Amy was recently named one of the  top 50 most influential women tech leaders by the National Diversity Council. Amy is also an  Official Member, Forbes Human Resources Council since September 2018. Amy sits on the Betterworks Board of Directors in addition to serving on Betterworks HR Advisory Council. In October 2019, Amy was named to the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University Roll of Distinguished Alumni.


Amy is a frequent speaker and lecturer at industry-related conferences.