Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson is a well-known expert in the field of creating high-performance work cultures. His background includes five years in health care management, and 20 years as owner of a successful training and consulting firm.

Larry’s clients include Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Nordstrom Department Stores, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Southwest Airlines, American Express, McDonald’s, Federal Express, and the American Health Care Association.

Since 1986, Larry has presented to more than 3000 audiences in every state in the Union, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Australia. He has been a featured speaker at eight annual conventions of the International Customer Service Association.


Thriving In Tough Times:
Building An Organizational Culture That Will Weather A Tough Economy
Drawing on 22 years of consulting experience with some of the world’s foremost corporations and governmental organizations, Larry will show your audience how they can make the most of these hard times. In this fast moving, upbeat presentation, Larry will show them how to:

  • Face Reality: Denial doesn’t help, but neither does doom & gloom. Larry will demonstrate the principle of Realistic Optimism.
  • Manage the Pain of Change: We all go through predictable psychological responses to changes in our world. Larry will show how to master these responses.
  • Elevate Gripes To Goals – Larry demonstrates how to help people get over the shock of tough times and move on solving the associated restrictions.
  • Tell The Truth: No one likes being treated like a mushroom. (Kept in the dark and fed a lot of “mushroom food.”) Fear and panic thrive when we are faced with the unknown. Larry shows that in hard times, transparency is the best policy.
  • Reward Innovation: Everyone in the organization can contribute the solutions you need if you ask. Larry demonstrates how to facilitate and energize this process.
  • Reach Out To Customers: Contributing to the situation is the fact that your customers are facing the same challenges as you. Larry demonstrates how to keep the customers you have and acquire more, even in lean times.
  • Persevere – In tough times, it is tempting to give up. When the economy recovers, the winner will be defined by their unwillingness to give up. Larry will share strategies to lean up and buckle down to weather the storm.

Building a corporate culture that values straight talk and rewards integrity
This program, presented as a speech or as a seminar, shows managers and supervisors how to establish a standard of communication that encourages open discussions and healthy debate, that tells the truth, that doesn’t mince words, and, most of all, is guided by a moral and ethical sense of right and wrong. Participants will walk away with practical tools for:

  • Applying the Six Laws of Absolute Honesty that will build trust and reduce the amount of dysfunctional family dynamics that consume people’s energy and time
  • Short circuiting the “Kumbaya” syndrome so that people will speak their mind’s openly and honestly without fear of retribution
  • Using Constructive Confrontation to resolve differences of opinion and fix sticky problems quickly and without damaging relationships
  • Getting chronic whiners to stop sniveling and do something positive to fix the problems they whine about
  • Stopping “lipotage,” where people give lip-service to a decision and then sabotage the decision in discussions around the water cooler

How to lead people to exceed their wildest expectations
Larry inspires his audiences with a content-packed message, delivered with a powerful combination of humor and inspiration. In this exciting presentation, Larry offers you the skills to be a better leader and the motivation to translate those skills into action. You’ll learn how to:

  • Acquire the traits of today’s best leaders
  • Build a world class, quality obsessed, customer driven organization
  • Step outside old paradigms to achieve new possibilities
  • Create excellence by empowering others
  • Establish a vision that will inspire team work
  • Instill within your organization the drive to be the very best
  • Apply the wisdom of Bear Bryant (one of America’s greatest football coaches)
  • Eliminate the “inaction of bureaucracy” in your organization so people can focus on the important issues of quality, customer service, market responsiveness, and innovation
  • Apply leadership styles that get results
  • Motivate people to do their best
  • Apply the “Radar O’Riley” approach to empowerment
  • Make the psychological adjustments required to transition from being a “do’er” to being a leader
  • Communicate your vision with confidence and power

How to lead change in a changing world
In today’s competitive world, organizations face the need to do more with less, innovate constantly, try new strategies to capture markets, and continually improve process and product. Mergers, acquisitions, re-engineering, re-strategizing, re-focusing, and right-sizing have become required.

The reality is that you must continually regenerate or you will degenerate. This means that everyone in your organization must embrace change.

In this program, Larry Johnson will give you the tools to:

  • Create and implement targeted change
  • Capture commitment of those who are asked to change
  • Gain insight into your own resistance to change
  • Apply the model of “Pain Management” to the change process
  • Implement change through staff involvement and empowerment
  • Get everyone to apply innovative techniques to solve problems
  • Effect structural, inter-personal, and intra-personal changes
  • Help people elevate gripes to goals
  • Plan for post change let-down
  • Motivate foot-draggers and nay-sayers
  • Focus on the positive aspects of change
  • Deal with the “grief of loss” that always accompanies change
  • Help people transition from “change apprentices” to “change journey people”
  • Identify barriers to the changes and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Get ready for the next round of changes because change is the only constant in any organization

How to get your team to love their jobs and go the extra mile
This fast-paced, content-packed, humor-laced session shows participants how to reduce employee turn-over, increase employee productivity and enhance employee morale. The program is based on the premise that happy, turned-on employees provide the best service to customers. TGIM gives participants easy-to-use tools to help them motivate their employees to be those happy, turned on service providers.

You will learn how to get the most from your team by:

  • Applying the critical do’s and don’ts of team motivation
  • Stretching your trust level to help your team grow
  • Identifying what makes each individual strive to exceed herself or himself
  • Giving your team a therapeutic taste of terror for which they will thank you
  • Lifting your team’s sights while expanding your own

This exciting speech or seminar is designed to kick off or enhance your organization’s campaign to improve customer service and to do it with a bang. It is intended for all employees, regardless of position or job function. During this powerful seminar, your employees will learn to:

  • Identify customers’ needs.
  • Speak from the heart because the best service comes from those who care.
  • Understand what your real product is – service.
  • Use “bonding” behaviors that put the customer on your side.
  • Listen intently to understand the customers’ needs.
  • Understand why customers leave and why they stay.
  • Use effective communication skills to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Manage the “Critical Moments” that make or break customer relations.
  • Analyze how good-will can be lost or gained with a gesture.
  • Make good customer relations everyone’s business.
  • Use policy and procedure to solve, rather than exacerbate problems.
  • Add value by going the extra mile.
  • Make the telephone an asset for building customer good-will.
  • Avoid telephone faux pas that lead to “Moments of Truth” gone sour.
  • Handle angry customers effectively.
  • Give customers bad news while minimizing negative results.
  • Turn complaints into “opportunities to shine.”

Seventeen skills based modules that you can mix and match to create a comprehensive training program for your supervisors and managers

Until now, the tools to manage projects were reserved for the likes of large construction efforts or national defense projects.

In a fast-paced, competitive environment, decisions must be made accurately and quickly; there is little time for prolonged discussions, and even less time to correct the outcome of a poor decision.


Full Biography

For twenty-plus years, Larry has helped organizations build more productive and profitable working cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. He has received rave reviews from more 150,000 business, government, and health-care professionals in every state in the union, as well as in Great Britain, China, Indonesia, Central America and Australia for his presentations on the topics of leadership, change, customer service, and honesty in business.

Larry is the coauthor of the highly acclaimed, top-selling business ethics book, Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk And Rewards Integrity and the newly released Generations Inc., From Boomers To Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work. He has also written more than 60 articles, published in recognized business and association journals. His clients include Novartis, Westinghouse, General Electric, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Eli Lilly, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Southwest Airlines, American Express, McDonald’s Corporation, Federal Express, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the American Health Care Association, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Additionally, Larry has eight years of real life experience as a manager in private sector health care, three years as a manager in city government, and 20 years as president of his own consulting firm. All this gives Larry the respect and credibility audiences require. His down-to-earth, humor-packed delivery style seals the deal for them.

The bottom line is that Larry Johnson can help your organization raise productivity, reduce employee turnover and increase customer satisfaction.

• M.A .Psychology/Counseling – Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ
• B.A. Education – Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

• Interaction Management (DDI)
• Situational Leadership (UA Associates)
• Insight Inventory (Insight Institute)

• 4 years in health care management
• 7 years as training manager in government and the private sector
• 17 years as president of his own training and consulting firm

• Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity. Published by AMACOM Books, NY, NY, 2003.
• Generations Inc. – From Boomers To Linksters: Managing the Friction Between Generations. Published by AMACOM Books, NY, NY, 2010.
• More than 40 articles published in national and international journals including Inc. Magazine’s Customer Service Update, the Journal of the International Customer Service Association, the Journal of the American College of Health Care Administrators, and Brown University’s Long Term Care Update.
• Project Management Video & Audio Training Program, published by CareerTrack®.