Damian Mason

Damian Mason has been a professional speaker, corporate event entertainer, and author since 1994. His career in entertainment began when he won a Halloween contest dressed as Bill Clinton; within months, he resigned his position as a sales representative for Cooper Industries and launched what has become a highly successful second career. Mason’s programs are the result of a quick wit and a willingness to glean humor from all sources, including news headlines, travel, business trends, relationships, everyday life, and his upbringing as the youngest of nine children.

Today, Damian Mason maintains a hectic pace delivering hilarious presentations to corporate and association audiences. He’s logged over 1,300 appearances, entertaining crowds in 49 states and 7 foreign countries.


Funny on Purpose: A hilarious presentation with a serious point–remember your business purpose.
Often, companies and employees drown in their own processes, procedures, people issues, policies, and problems. Funny On Purpose entertains the audience while reminding people of their reason for being in business and their responsibility to the customer. As a successful business owner and a former sales rep for a Fortune 500 company, Damian understands business fundamentals. As a comedic entertainer, he knows how to make people laugh. The result is a show featuring real life illustrations and anecdotes blended with uproarious laughter and brilliant comedy.

Humor for the Heart of Agriculture: Hilarious stories and ag–themed comedy with an optimistic message for those who earn their living in agriculture.
Damian Mason is a comedian with an enthusiasm for the Agricultural Industry. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Agricultural Economics and has since studied comedy writing and improvisation at the prestigious Second City, Chicago. Damian combines his farm background and knowledge, with a brilliant sense of comedic timing. The result is a funny, relevant, and uplifting presentation that resonates with today’s Ag professional. His funny stories and witty observations connect with the HEART of Agriculture – its people! Damian’s Humor for the Heart of Agriculture is a REAL crowd pleaser. Damian is also a member of the Indiana Farm Bureau.

The Hilarious Bill Clinton Show: Bipartisan, current event comedy delivered in the persona of Bill Clinton
Damian Mason is the world’s best, most in demand, Bill Clinton impersonator. Since 1994, when he resigned his post in corporate America, Damian has performed “The Hilarious Bill Clinton Show” to rave reviews for a wide variety of audiences. He’s also played the part of Bill Clinton in 2 major motion pictures and dozens of video productions and television spots. While there are others who imitate Bill Clinton, Damian is the best choice for your event. He has it all; the look, the voice, the expressions and most importantly, the COMEDY! His sense of timing and spontaneity are impeccable. The Hilarious Bill Clinton show is timely, intelligent, political satire appropriate for any audience. Regardless of who is in political office, or the events of the day, Damian as Bill Clinton makes it funny.

How it Works
You introduce “Bill Clinton” as a surprise guest. The show begins with a grand entrance and includes 40 minutes of laughter-filled, PG-13 Comedy. Complete with Q & A and crowd interaction, this event will be unforgettable! Photo Ops and Glad Handing follow the show.


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