Carolyn Warner

Carolyn Warner

Carolyn Warner, Founder and President of Corporate//Education Consulting, Inc., advises Fortune 500 companies, foundations and numerous national associations on workforce/work place issues, education, leadership, women’s issues and public/private partnerships. Through her speaking, seminar, consulting and training services she delivers over forty presentations each year, both in the U.S. and abroad, including three European Union conferences on education and skills training.


Warner’s clients are a Who’s Who of well-known organizations such as the United States Department of Defense, the Coca-Cola Foundation, USA Today, American Textile Machinery Association, GlaxoSmithKline, VISA and MetLife. Together with her business partner David Bolger, Warner leads the C//ECI team, a unique group of professionals with a grounded foundation in the education sector. Each member has real-world experience in the education industry, from elected state educational officials to school district, college and association leaders, to political and public policy strategists.


With over 50 years of combined experience, CECi has developed strategic partnerships and alliances in the educational, federal, state and local government, non-profit and corporate sectors. Warner understands the culture of the education marketplace and the complexities of its issues. Although best known for her work within education and politics, for more than twenty years Warner has helped businesses think through workforce and workplace issues.


Warner’s presentations on the future of business address key concerns such as where the workforce of the 21st century will come from, and what it will look like; the role organized labor will play as the economy shifts; what new technologies will impact the workplace; and how academic and workplace skills are both “the new basic skills” sought by employers. Carolyn Warner is adept at addressing these and other critical issues; with deep perception, humor, and a keen perspective on the educational, social, political and economic realities of the new millennium, she can work with your organization to help strengthen your competitive advantage.












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Leadership: Rethinking the Future
Based on John Gardener’s pioneering leadership research, Carolyn Warner challenges organizations to “rethink Leadership,” and to chart both personal and organization action plans for enhancing individual leadership potential. This presentation is ideal for education leaders planning for and coping with change; the session is nationally acclaimed for its effectiveness and “carry forward” effects.


Work & Worth in the 21st Century
One of the most dramatic, but least understood, shifts in America today is the increasing diversity of the work force and the changing realities of work and the workplace. These changes confront educators, policy-makers, employers and society in general. Carolyn Warner explores these issues and discusses three “challenges for change” concerning the new American work force. These challenges are so great, according to Warner, that meeting them are among the most important tasks faced by business and education.


GNP – Growing New People
In an inspirational message, Carolyn Warner looks at education and its future in America, reminding her listeners that “the real GNP of America… is Growing New People. That is the mission of leadership… and it takes place in America’s schools.” Warner draws a clear picture of the centrality of education to every other priority in American society, and she encourages educators to make the most of their unique roles as “opportunity creators.”


The Lamp in the Statue of Liberty
In this time of stress, Carolyn Warner believes that American are refocusing on the cornerstone institutions of our society: the home, the religious congregation and the school. Just as fire fighters and policemen overcome their anxiety in the face of fear, so it is vital that educators and educational leaders see themselves in the same light and accept this new level of responsibility towards student, parents and the communities they serve . Carolyn Warner offers these inspiring strategies for helping educators help children and their parents understand the realities of life and America’s new opportunities for the future. “Education is the key to our democracy,” Carolyn says, “and schools are the inextinguishable ‘lamp’ in the Statue of Liberty.


Everybody’s House – The Schoolhouse
Drawing from her best-selling book by the same name, Carolyn Warner provides educators/educational leaders with specific strategies for strengthening the role that schools play in their communities. In these challenging times, schools – more than ever before – need to be seen as neighborhood lighthouses, providing a safe learning environment for students and rallying place of parents and the community.





Full Biography

Carolyn Warner is Founder and President of Corporate Education Consulting, Inc. (CECi). Her firm offers advisement, speaking, seminar and training services focusing on workforce/work place issues, education, leadership, women’s issues and public/private partnerships. CECi’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, foundations and numerous national associations. Warner delivers over forty keynote presentations a year, both in the U.S. and abroad,including three European Union conferences on education and skills training related topics.

Warner was a Congressional appointee to the National Skills Standards Board (NSSB) and was a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. She also serves as national Treasurer of Jobs for America’s Graduates, the nation’s most successful school-to-work transition program, and is past President of the Arizona Women’s Forum.

Warner served for twelve years as Arizona’s elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the first non-educator to hold that post. Increased accountability and the formation of business-education partnerships were hallmarks of her administration. Under her leadership, Arizona had the nation’s first sequential job skills identification initiative. She was then her party’s nominee for Governor, narrowly losing in an historic three-way general election.

In 1998, Warner received an honorary Doctorate from Northern Arizona University in recognition of her service to education and the community. Among her numerous awards are Policy Leader of the Year by the National Association of State Boards of Education, the Racial Justice Award from the YWCA of the USA, and the Carl Perkins Humanitarian Award from the Association for Career and Technical Education. She is the author of four books, including the best-selling The Last Word, A Treasury of Women’s Quotes.