Dan Holdridge

Dan Holdridge

In April 2001, Mr. Dan Holdridge was one of the youngest Program Directors at General Dynamics Corporation in Needham, MA. Dan oversaw computer engineering operations for General Dynamics and was sent to the United States Pentagon to support the construction of the newly renovated section of the Pentagon. On September 11th, 2001, Dan’s life almost ended when he was injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Recovered physically, Dan dedicates his time speaking to people across the country about his experience that day, what helped him heal and how he became an even stronger person than ever before. Read more

Gary Marlon Suson


9/11 photographer Gary Marlon Suson lives in New York City. On September 11, 2001, his life, just as all American’s lives, was turned upside down by the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Initially, after photographing the Towers’ collapse from his rooftop, Suson returned to his studio, deciding he wasn’t going to shoot anything else having to do with this tragedy. He didn’t want the stress of being in the midst of the chaos taking pictures, and especially didn’t wish to be wrongly viewed as someone trying to exploit a situation. Read more

Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9/11

9/11This year the fall meeting season will again embrace 9/11, one of the most memorable dates in American history. Most Americans will never forget where they were on that fateful day. Take time to remember the tragedy, how we all pulled together as a nation, and began to remember why we are still the greatest nation. Many corporations and Read more

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo

Keynote Speaker and Artist Joe Castillo is one of the first and foremost sand artists in the world who tells stories with his sand art projected on a big screen, creating a powerful and moving experience. Drawing with his finger through a screen of sand, Joe Castillo makes fluid lines that cohere into characters that become stories. Joe Castillo is the originator of a form of storytelling art that he calls the SandStory. Drawing his hand across the medium, he makes simple, fluid lines that expose light from under dark sand, telling stories and sharing life lessons. Read more

Michelle Rosado


Michelle Rosado has a message of inspiration and empowerment for your audience, as well as an engaging style that will make your entire organization strive to new heights by helping them to discover their own inner strength both personally and professionally. Internationally recognized as “The Woman of Empowerment“, Michelle has overcome some incredible life obstacles, including surviving a physically and mentally abusive relationship, as well as escaping the World Trade Center just seconds before her offices were destroyed. Read more

Nick Halley


Brigadier General Nick Halley (U.S. Army, Retired) is a recognized expert on leadership and terrorism. He has commanded thousands of our soldiers in combat in three conflicts – Vietnam, Grenada, and Desert Storm. He is an army paratrooper, army ranger and special operations veteran. He has been awarded many significant decorations, including two Silver Stars for bravery in combat actions, four Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts for wounds in combat operations. Read more



Lt. Col William Gus Pagonis


Brigadier General Nick Halley



“General Knowledge”


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Vinny Boles

Vinny Boles

America’s Army has historically developed leaders and teams to function at their highest performance levels under the most stressful of conditions. Vinny Boles shows your team how to do the same.

Six weeks before the attacks of September 11th, 2001, Vinny Boles was a newly selected one-star General. He reported to take command of a contingency command, one that would be needed by the nation if “the worst thing happened.” On September 11th, it did happen and Vinny and his team went from planning to execution in an ever-fluid environment. Read more