Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans, BS, CPT, CFT, is known for her passion and straightforward approach to improving personal and professional success. As a speaker, performance coach and esteemed expert on resiliency, stress, performance, exercise physiology, nutrition and health, she inspires and educates Fortune 500 audiences worldwide to increase their capacity for stress and how to recover from stress more quickly and effectively. Jenny works with thousands of top executives, leaders and employees to educate them on the value of being more resilient, improve their performance and productivity all while enhancing their health.

Jenny is founder and CEO of PowerHouse Performance Coaching and creator of PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ – the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing fitness. As NBC KARE 11 TV’s Health and Fitness expert for over four years and a published author, she’s committed to being the catalyst that helps others reach their full potential in both their professional and personal lives. Jenny serves on the Board of Directors for the National Exercise Trainer’s Association and has been an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 15 years.






Program Outlines

It’s Time for a rEvolution: Build Your Resiliency and Conquer Your Stress, 60 Seconds at a Time.
You can’t eradicate stress, but you can train your body to transform how you handle it. As part of the rEvolution, you are going to learn there are positive aspects to the stress response and how to use them to your advantage. You will understand and implement ways to get your brain and body to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently, as well as to raise your threshold for it.

You will discover how the brain responds to stress and change, and how to design and carry out a successful training plan that will work for the long term. You will also learn how to eat and move in ways that correct your chemistry and make you more resilient. Best of all, the steps are simple, quick and easy, making resiliency infinitely do-able in an always on, 24/7 environment—without adding addi-tional stress.

Joining the rEvolution means you will be able to realize your full potential and perform your absolute best—professionally and personally—in the face of stress. And if these benefits aren’t enough, your health will improve, you will have more energy, you will sleep better and you can lose weight.

The Nutrition rEvolution: Solutions for No-Stress Eating to Improve Resiliency, Performance and Health
Did you know that what and how you eat can increase your stress? And that stress can increase what and how you eat? Were you aware that many of your food choices are not made consciously? And did you know all of these things are affecting your ability to act and feel your best?

Eating is something we have to do multiple times each day, every day, and the wrong choices can take a toll on our ability to handle stress and perform well at work and home. Many of us inadvertently add more stress to our brain and body with our food decisions, having negative consequences on our energy, focus, concentration, productivity, sleep, health and weight.

This session reveals the physiological and hormonal connection between stress and our food deci-sions, and then provides simple, effective strategies that minimize stress on the body and brain. Participants leave with a different and more successful plan for making lasting change. Though these choices and changes are simple, their effects will be exponential. They will not only develop resiliency, but also improve energy, health and cognitive function.

Stress-Proof Your Brain
We are not just affected mentally and emotionally by stress—it radically alters the chemistry and physical structures of our brains. Stress diminishes our cognitive function while increasing negative emotional states. It makes portions of the brain relating to fear, anxiety and aggression larger and more active. It also kills cells in the brain related to decision-making, focus, attention, memory, learning and our ability to accomplish goals. We literally lose our minds when we are stressed and it keeps us from performing well at our jobs and at home.  Stress-Proof Your Brain will help you understand what happens to your brain and cognitive function during and after stress. This comprehension will help you hone in on how it is affecting your perfor-mance, both at work and at home. More importantly, you will learn how to counter-act the negative effects as well as boost brainpower and positive mood states. You will be able to stay focused, make strategic decisions, have sound judgment and not be a victim of anxiety in the face of stress. In doing so, you will also improve your energy, fitness, sleep and resiliency.

The Change rEvolution: How to Successfully Make Lifestyle Changes Once and For All
Why do we vow each morning to eat healthier, exercise regularly, go to bed earlier, or drink less, only to find ourselves going back on our promises by the end of the day or week? Committing to a complete lifestyle overhaul creates stress, which makes us seek the comfort and security of habits and routines —often times the very ones we are trying to change. We are also living and working in environments that require us to act in complete opposition to how we are hardwired to function. Human survival has long hinged on both getting and conserving as much energy as possible: eat as much as you can, while you can, and don’t expend energy unnecessarily. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to resist eating high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods that are available at every turn. Making ourselves move and get regular exercise in environments that don’t require it also drains willpower. Willpower is a limited resource and becomes depleted very quickly and easily. This program will teach you how to successfully make long-term lifestyle changes. Instead of experi-encing stress, frustration and eventual failure, you will feel the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from the success of positive, new behaviors that enhance your resiliency, performance and health. You will understand how the brain and body respond to change and create a strategic plan that works in any environment. Instead of only using the conscious part of your brain, you will also enroll the uncon-scious portion—creating a plan that uses 100% of your brain instead of only 50%. You will create a system of optimal defaults that make behavior change automatic, and you will soon be on your way to a healthier, more resilient life.

Well on Heels: The Strong, Balanced Woman
Are you a perfectionist who overextends her time and resources? Do you fail to delegate or say “no” when you should? Do you evaluate yourself harshly or have a hard time asking for help? As a woman, you have distinctive leadership and management styles in addition to different ways of perceiving and dealing with stress. This program addresses the unique psychological and physical needs of the female leader and provides tools for building confidence, power, resiliency and health.
One in three women in America categorize their stress levels as extreme and many drop out of the workforce in response to the demands of balancing their professional and personal lives. They are an asset every company values, and losing their talent and skills is a detriment to the organization. Women in the workplace are looking for practical strategies for successfully dealing with stress, work/life balance and burnout, all while trying to achieve greater levels of professional success. This session provides them with real-world, valuable tools for increasing their capacity to be successful leaders within the business as well as their personal lives.

Are You Fit for Work?
You have been lectured before on why you should exercise: it improves your health…it reduces your risk of disease…it helps you manage your weight…blah, blah, blah. This session is NOT about your weight or your health. It is about expanding your capacity to be able to perform well in the face of the stress in your life. There is a real connection between handling the stress of work and life, and handling the stress of exercise, and you can use one to improve the other. Think of this as your resiliency training program.

Not only will you learn how to be more resilient and productive, you will be given an innovative new tool to start using immediately. PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ uses short bouts of intense physical activity that release endorphins—“the bliss molecules”—that flush out toxic stress hormones. PowerHouse Hit the Deck also provides a cardiovascular and resistance training program that can be done anytime, anywhere with no fitness equipment—the best program for anyone who travels, is short on time or doesn’t belong to a gym. This dynamic speaking engagement combines interactive exercises and enlightening information that provide simple, effective strategies to incorporate into your lifestyle right away. The bonus lies in the fact that as your resiliency improves, so does your health!

What if, despite the ever increasing stress in your professional and personal lives, you were able to live resiliently? You eat healthy, sleep well, and have time and energy to exercise. You perform well in a demanding work environment, are the best possible version of yourself for your loved ones, and are becoming healthier every day. The Resiliency rEvolution is your stress solution. Rather than letting stress diminish your life, you can become more resilient to it. Using your primitive hardwiring to your advantage, you can learn how to recover from stress more quickly and raise your threshold for it. Utilizing realistic and manageable tactics, you’ll soon be on your way to a more resilient life. It’s time to join the rEvolution! Work with your body to realize your full potential and to perform at your absolute best – professionally and personally – in the face of stress.

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Jenny is also….

Overworked and Undertrained: Build Your Resiliency & Conquer Your Stress, 60 Seconds at a Time

Are you stressed out? Not quite as healthy or as happy as you want to be? In addition to the demands of your job continuing to increase every year and your personal life becoming more complex, you’re trapped behind a desk, eating less healthfully than you’d like, and don’t have time for exercise or taking care of yourself. In an attempt to cope, you may be turning to food, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, skipping workouts and sacrificing sleep. Unfortunately, all of these things are diminishing your health and wellbeing, while adding to the stress in your life, not reducing it.

“Stress reduction” is a load of crap. If your job is never going to ask less of you, nor are your loved ones, your only option is to build your resiliency to stress: to recover from it more quickly as well as to raise your threshold for it. Overworked and Undertrained is your stress solution. Our bodies haven’t evolved to adapt to the rapid pace of our 21st century, stress-filled lifestyles, and we’re paying the price. Stress is a physical event, not just something that happens in our heads. The resulting change in our chemistry and physiology can hijack and shrink our brains, make us pig out on high fat, high sugar food, gain weight, rob us of sleep, and put us in survival mode.

The good news is you’re only 60 seconds away from feeling better. When we understand how the stress response works, we can use it to our advantage to improve our resiliency, performance and even our health. You’ll learn how to eat and move in ways that correct your chemistry and make you more resilient. They’ll also improve your health and help you lose body fat. Best of all, they’re simple, quick and easy.

This dynamic speaking engagement combines interactive exercises and enlightening information that provide simple, effective resiliency strategies people can incorporate into their lives right away. In addition to understanding how to become more physiologically resilient, they will learn strategies that minimize stress on their bodies that also improve energy, performance, health and wellbeing. Participants will be given a unique tool to train to become more resilient: PowerHouse Hit the Deck™, the anytime, anywhere stress solution. These cards help them hit the reset button on stress in addition to improving their fitness, health and body composition.
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Full Biography

Full Biography

Jenny C. Evans, B.S., C.P.T., C.F.T.
Ms. Evans is a speaker, author and on-air expert on resiliency, stress, performance, exercise physiology, nutrition and health. She is the founder and CEO of PowerHouse Performance and author of the best-selling book The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life—60 Seconds at a Time. Working with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders and employees worldwide, her dynamic presentations inspire and educate audiences to increase their capacity for stress and to recover from it more quickly and effectively. Clients improve their perfor-mance and productivity, all while enhancing their health. Jenny’s corporate client list includes Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder Companies, Yale School of Management, AT&T, Target, Comcast, Nationwide, Ameriprise Financial and many other Fortune 500 companies. She is also the creator of PowerHouse Hit the Deck™—the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing fitness.

Further, Jenny serves on many advisory boards, writes as a blogger for The Huffington Post and was NBC KARE 11’s Health & Fitness expert for over four years. She has also been featured on National Public Radio,,, as well as in Shape, Elle, Women’s Health, Redbook and Woman’s World.

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 20 years. In her spare time she is a competitive athlete, races duathlons and is an aerial arts performer.