Industrial Rhythm

Industrial Rhythm

Industrial Rhythm specializes in providing High-Energy Openers, Closers and General Session Entertainment for Meetings, Conferences, Trade Shows and Product Launches. Our show is a high energy urban movement of hip hop and break dancing while drumming on everyday objects using drumsticks. We customize every performance according to your theme while incorporating your company products as show props. This unique twist is a great way to highlight the company, complimented by a fun and explosive show. Each member of Industrial Rhythm is an experienced professional.


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Full-length shows and business meeting segments create memorable experiences for audiences at business meetings and corporate events. Each troupe is usually composed of three men and three women from various ethnic backgrounds; they can perform in smaller or larger configurations, as well, and music is performed using such everyday objects as pill bottles, traffic cones, computer keyboards, Tic Tac boxes, trash cans, brooms and briefcases.

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