Jonathan Michael Bowman

Jonathan Michael Bowman

Ready to hear fresh ideas on leadership? Inspiring thoughts and advice that will resonate with your audience and inspire lasting change in their lives and organization? Jonathan Michael Bowman, Esq., delivers a unique twist on the topic of leadership. Bowman’s proven leadership principles spring from an impoverished childhood spent in homeless shelters and public housing projects – principles that he later tested in his position as Assistant Attorney General, and later Assistant Chief of the Civil Rights Section, in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, where he displayed a natural ability to lead. Jonathan offers an insightful perspective on leadership, which he illustrates with his fine-art photography. His passion, enthusiasm, humor, and photographic art fuse into an unforgettable, moving experience.


Clear-Picture Leadership: Use the Power of a Picture to Make Your Team Remarkable
In this energetic and content-rich presentation, Jonathan shows you how to set and achieve a bold, clear-picture vision. No matter how well your team is operating, Jonathan believes they can operate even better and can be even more productive. In fact, they can be remarkable. Drawing examples from real leadership situations and illustrated by his powerful photography, Jonathan will inspire you to ignite your team to achieve dynamic results. How? By tapping into the power of a picture. When you set and share a clear picture of your vision, your team can reach heights they didn’t know they had the ability or capacity to reach. They can achieve remarkable success.

Picture Your Future – Picture Your Success
Are you ready to be inspired, invigorated, and equipped to turn great challenges into unimaginable victories? In this compelling presentation, Jonathan teaches personal leadership principles that propelled him from homelessness as a child to becoming an award-winning leader in high-power legal positions. Jonathan shares the key to his personal and career success: the ability to create a picture of your future. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to imagine and set a clear-picture vision for your life or work. Plus, Jonathan shares easy-to-adopt leadership principles, made even more memorable by his powerful photography. Leaders, aspiring leaders, and those seeking personal development will be emboldened – not to merely surmount obstacles – but to ascend far beyond them into a future of success.

Each topic is suitable as a keynote, break-out session, or workshop. Plus, Jonathan will customize the presentation to meet your group’s needs.




Full Biography

Jonathan M. Bowman’s speeches and presentations are the result of heart-felt experience, critical thought and an unbridled passion to succeed and to help others achieve their full potential. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bowman is the last of four children, whose lives were enveloped in poverty and homelessness. By the time he was 17 years old, he and his family had lived in two homeless shelters, a church, a small fourth floor attic, roach-infested public housing projects and a hotel, among many other places. As a result, Mr. Bowman and his siblings endured an unstable childhood education that was replete with attending multiple schools during a single school year; sometimes being called upon to leave a school

district on a day’s notice as a result of an impending eviction-driven move. When he was about to begin his senior year in high school, Bowman learned that another relocation was in the works. So, in order to avoid another institution change in the middle of a school year, he refrained from starting class until after the move. The move took much longer than expected. One month turned into many, and consequently, Mr. Bowman never saw a day of his senior year in high school.

However, with his determination to ascend from poverty unaffected, he obtained his G.E.D. and earned an associates degree in English and Communications at Allegheny Community College. He went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from Point Park University where he graduated Cum Laude. He then attended and graduated from Ohio State University College of Law in 1994. In 1995, Mr. Bowman became an Assistant Attorney General in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in the Crime Victims Services Section and later transferred to the Health and Humans Services Section. In this capacity, he forged a reputation as a creative litigator who engineered and sustained positive, effective relationships with his clients.

In 1999, he was promoted to Assistant Chief of the Civil Rights Section where he displayed what’s been called a “natural” ability to lead. Among his notable achievements, he spearheaded a restructuring of the working relationship between the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. This effort resulted in drastic improvements to the quality and efficiency of civil rights investigations. Former Ohio Attorney General Betty D. Montgomery said, “This was an historic restructuring and has made a tremendous difference to the citizens of Ohio.”

Mr. Bowman earned the label as a “go to” manager when he was called upon to serve on a management team charged with overhauling the Charitable Law Section. The team’s efforts were a success. After serving in this capacity for only 9 months, Mr. Bowman was promoted to Chief of the Crime Victims Services Section in 2004, where he oversaw five departments comprised of 80 professionals. Former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said, “That very large section, as a result of Jonathan’s motivating leadership, became a national model of innovative new programs and standards.”

Despite his challenging upbringing, Mr. Bowman displayed a knack for public speaking at an early age. As a child, he memorized speeches of his idol and inspiration, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When he was a teenager, he began speaking to church groups as large as 900 people. While in college, one of his many class speeches was used as videotaped instruction for other students in a course on public speaking.